Multi-Media Production

Advisor: Mr. Tappin

The Multi-Media Production Club gives students a chance to film and photograph different school events such as athletics, concerts, plays, fundraisers, etc. We then bring that footage back where we use professional editing software to create a video or picture. The completed videos and photos are sent to MSG Varsity where they are placed on a website and put onto television.

There are many different aspects to the club that you will experience. You can be a reporter on camera or work behind the scenes as a director, editor, writer, or cameraman/camerawoman. Students will also get the chance to learn how to use professional music mixing equipment. Throughout the year, we will get to collaborate with professionals in the field who work for MSG Varsity.

The club meets in rooms 101 and 102 from 2:05-3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year.