National Ocean Science Bowl

Advisor: Mr. A. Matthews

What is Ocean Bowl?

Ocean Bowl is a fun and comprehensive club that involves many different fields of natural science. Ocean Bowl encapsulates the teaching, learning, and demonstration of knowledge of the ocean. Although the club is Ocean Bowl, it actually involves many fields of science, and how they pertain to the ocean. Ocean Bowl is also a great way to get involved in the scientific community, and meet other people who are interested in ocean sciences. Although it involves some work, and hard preparations, it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

How do I join?

Ocean Bowl meets on Friday’s in room 203, after school. We are always accepting new members, and we encourage people to join, no matter what time of the year it is. If you are interested in joining just come to a meeting!

What is the A-Team?

The A-team is an elite team of five Ocean Bowl club members. Each year there is a qualifying test that members choose to take if they are interested in joining the A-team. The people with the highest score are chosen to become members of this team. The members of the A-team compete at Stony Brook University in the New York regional competition. Sixteen teams from across New York State migrate to compete in the Bay Scallop Bowl. Winners take home a cash prize and an all-expense paid trip to the national competition, held in a different location each year. Mount Sinai has placed first in nine of the state-wide regional competitions held annually at Stony Brook University. These wins have taken students to places such as Mississippi, Washington, D.C., St. La Jolla, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Providence, Rhode Island and Galveston, TX. A “B-team” also exists which consists of members who are interested in competing with the A-team. The B-team is invited to the competition each year and sometimes competes as a fill- in. Although these teams exist, a club member does not have to join them, and can still enjoy the benefits of the club regardless of their team status.

What else does Ocean Bowl do?

Out of school, the ocean bowl club participates in many activities and competitions. Ocean Bowl members often help with the shellfish restoration project run by the Coastal Steward. Also, the Ocean Bowl club members assist with the national beach cleanup.