Distance Learning Assignments

Distance Learning Assignments (6/4/2020)

Students should check teacher websites and/or Google Classroom for communications from their teachers.  Click here to log in and access the HS Class Pages.

In addition, the following staff have set up new Google Classrooms for their students to join.  Below are their Google Classroom codes:

Mrs. DiLeone/Mrs. Stankiewicz
HS Studio Art period 8: qcspdt4
HS Studio Art period 9: xqcdm6k

Mr. Kulik
Precalc Honors: 43u72pk
Calculus: eis2d7u
AB Calculus: win7bxn
BC Calculus: ljvn2v2

Mrs. Romeo 
AP Studio Art: tvir5k2
Portfolio Prep: hevtgnz 
Drawing & Painting: zjfv37r
Studio Art: d64ilu3 

Mr. Cossack

Period 1: ughs2tu
Period 3: seqjrax
Period 4: xaot4ud
Period 6 Lab: kfybugj
Period 7: kgtxbvp

Mr. Blatt
Choir: aorwjje
Music Theory 1: bmrgpko
AP Music Theory: kcuwdas

Ms. Fredriksen
CTD: owdxtc
Engish 11: 7wra7yh

Ms. Morganelli 
Click here for codes

Mr. Marceau 
Symphonic Band: qaqtkit 
Concert Band: 6bpfvu7 

Mr. Koutsantanou

Living Environment period 2 & 3: cgug6nw
Resource Room period 5,7 & 8: btyw5qw

Mr. Krucher
Woodworking: rrny2pn
Principles of Engineering: gjdm25s
Electricity and Electronics: mlltayq
Design and Drawing for Production: ulzpzbs

Mr. Wilson

Code: wbh4i4a

Mr. Sallese
AP World History: wzdy3lm
Global History 10R: 34loy2w
Humanities: iebtjmw

Mrs. Lecci
ELA period 1: zdcqmmr
Speech period 3: 2wyuvtq
ELA period 4: 665s2ki
ELA period 6: chbsdea
Speech period 7: 3xwuqis

Mr. Tappin
Media Production: tfukeh7
Woodworking: nz3fbse
Design & Drawing for Production: dospe2l
Transportation Systems: qvstjoi
Communication Systems: ppj52na

Mrs. Marceau
Concert Orchestra: d3qtako
String Orchestra: lqm5qax

Ms. Pomponio

Period 2: Codes for all Apps
Google Classroom: smlvhrg
Remind App: @gpompo

Mrs. Maggio

Period 1: vocptck
Period 3: k7hbbxz
Period 4: azsda63
Period 6: hin6kbl

Mrs. Elfreth

Marine Ecology period 1: ufryggj
Marine Ecology period 8: rr3revx

Mrs. Hacker
Chemistry Honors period 3/4: c3pmp4g
Chemistry Honors period 6/7: zxnumdi
Living Environment period 8/9: 2k4aptt

Mrs. Soden
Applied Food Science period 1: ctfkeb2
Gourmet Foods period 4: n5swrko
Gourmet Foods period 7: anksuf2
Gourmet Foods period 8: qixxxco
Culture & Foods period 9: cvjfrkc

Ms. Marcello
Period 6 Culture & Foods - j465rkm

Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Daquino, Mr. Drumm, & Mrs. Leonard
All HS Physical Education/Weight Lifting/Project Adventure Classes: igfj3q6